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ISIS 7 Overview

Welcome to ISIS, the next generation of innovative Third Party Administrator, Broker and Intermediary management software specifically created for today’s group medical industry. ISIS (Internet Submission Insurance System) has been developed as a powerful business tool to help your company get organized and stay organized with streamlining key information about your customers, vendors and even your own company. ISIS 7.0 provides you with the tools you need to put the customer first.


Included are many powerful product tools and features that give you the ability to organize and maintain your information in a user-friendly and highly customizable environment. Designed by feedback from key industry professionals, we take great pride in saying, "Designed By Your Peers, Engineered By The Experts". To make this possible we have built a special online forum to welcome all comments, questions and ideas to incorporate into future versions of the software.


In today's highly competitive marketplace, you need to respond quickly and intelligently to changes that critically affect your business. Internet Submission Insurance System (ISIS) is an information management and quotation system for the Group Health insurance industry that gives you that power. Created with the insurance producer in mind, ISIS 7 can make your organization more efficient and productive by eliminating a significant portion of the paper-based manual processes that exist in the industry today.


Our Methodology

One of the most challenging tasks a company faces today is the selection of a quotation and document management system that matches the needs of your organization. The product must be just right. It shouldn’t contain more features than needed (which adds to the cost and makes it more complicated and difficult to use) It should incorporate features that streamline the operation of your business and it should be easy to customize to your unique business needs. In today’s unpredictable market, you shouldn’t have to take on more manual operations to compensate for a software’s limitations. Finally, you should feel confident that its publisher will be able to provide upgrades and bug fixes as needed during the many years the software serves you.


We have taken great strides to incorporate this methodology into our development and business plans. By designing ISIS using industry feedback, we have been able to build a package that will make an impact while constantly working to improve it. We have also built an extensive online support network to answer product and support questions as well as download product updates. There are question and answer forums in place so existing and potential customers can ask questions and discuss existing and new features, capabilities, and any other ISIS related topic. All of this information is made available to the public to better support the evolution of ISIS.




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